Beautiful Male Golf Caddies (eye candy)

We are well-known for our sexy female caddies, but for the ladies, we also have a number of good looking male caddies to enhance your golfing experience. Along with being great to look at, our male caddies know the game of golf, and are here to make sure that you have everything you need relating to golf to have a memorable time on the course.


Golf is primarily thought to be a man’s sport. While it may consist of primarily men, women like to golf too. And with the rise in popularity of beautiful female golf caddies, female golfers seem to have been left out. Not anymore. At BunkerMates, you and your girlfriends can enjoy a memorable day out on the golf course with gorgeous male golf caddies.

When you choose BunkerMates, your male golf caddie will meet you on the course, dressed professionally and in accordance with the specific golf club’s dress code. While you play, he is there to perform all of the standard caddie duties. He will take care of your ball for you, help you with selecting the right clubs, fix divots, fix ball marks, assist with yardages and so much more.

Along with these typical caddie services, your BunkerMates male golf caddie is your personal concierge on the golf course.  The only time you need to lift a finger is when you’re ready to hit your next ball.


If you’re having a birthday or bachelorette party, BunkerMates can assist with these as well. With BunkerMates male golf caddies, you will have a golf experience that you won’t soon forget. No matter if you are planning a solo excursion, a group outing with the girls, a birthday party, or a bachelorette party, our gorgeous male golf caddies are here for you! Golf may be a great sport, but sexy male caddies can make it so much better. Don’t wait any longer. Call BunkerMates to reserve your male golf caddies today!

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