Spice Up Your Golf Bachelor Party

What’s better than a round of golf? How about a round of golf with a pretty girl (or a few pretty girls)? If your buddy is a golfer, a bachelor party golf trip with BunkerMates is the perfect way to send him off to married life. BunkerMates offers hot female golf caddies that specializes in helping you to have a memorable time on the course.

All BunkerMates are carefully selected. They are more than just sexy girls who escort you and your friends around the golf course. Our girls are highly knowledgeable about the game of golf and receive extensive training in course etiquette. Along with giving the bachelor and everyone else in your party a memorable experience, we can help you with all standard caddie duties. We know the difference between a putter and a nine-iron, we can take care of the golf balls, fix divots, help with yardages, and much, much more. Anything related to ensuring that everyone in your party has a good time on the course, we are here for you.

Other Bachelor Party Services

Along with ensuring that everyone has a wonderful time on the golf course, we also want to give your friend a bachelor party he won’t soon forget. In order to do this, the bachelor party can include such things as:

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If you want to take your friend out for a night on the town after your round of golf is over, we can help with that too. We know the best spots to take him, whether you’re looking for a bar, a gentleman’s club, or a nightclub. Whatever you need, we are here for you. Your buddy can enjoy his last day as a single man and you can kick back, knowing that your party is planned to the T!

Your friend is getting married. Don’t give him the same old run of the mill bachelor party. He deserves to have the time of his life. Incorporate his favorite sport and take him golfing, but do it in style. With BunkerMates, your soon to be married friend, you, and the rest of the attendees will have an amazing day of golf that you will never forget. Call for more information and book your BunkerMates today!


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