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BunkerMates girls are beautiful, sexy women, but that’s not all. Sure, having a gorgeous girl with you on your next round of golf will make you the envy of everyone else out on the course that day, but BunkerMates are so much more. All of our girls are highly knowledgeable about the game and are extensively trained in course etiquette.

BunkerMates caddies can help you with all standard caddie responsibilities. They can take care of your ball for you, fix divots, fix ball marks, aid with yardages, tend the pin, tend bunkers, maintain your scorecard and more. They know the differences between the golf clubs, and can hand you the specific one that you request without hesitation. And they are so much more fun to have around.


Along with standard caddie services, BunkerMates caddies serve as your personal concierge for the day. They chauffeur you around the course in your golf cart, allowing you to kick back and relax. They can call in food and beverage orders when you need them. Pretty much any standard service you would expect from a five-star resort, your BunkerMates caddie takes care of it for you. Essentially, she plays the role of caddie and hostess as she escorts you around the golf course, making your excursion more memorable, more relaxing, and a lot more fun.

Why BunkerMates?

Why have any caddie when you can have a BunkerMates caddie? No matter if you prefer to play solo, play in a group, or are even planning a charity golf event, we can help. All of our BunkerMates caddies are carefully selected beautiful girls that can help you with everything you need related to having a memorable time out on the golf course.

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